Healthcare that's effortless 

I launched  TERRAVITA to create the products I want my loved ones to use.

The idea of natural formulas that really work, has, and always will be what gives my work meaning. Each product has been carefully created by teaming up with the best ingredients suppliers, scientists and manufacturers. At TERRAVITA, we think of healthcare as a lifestyle. It's the small habits that count in the longer term. And we want to try and make it extremely easy for you to incorporate these positives in your daily routine. 






Naturally Effective

We know that whole food, ocean ingredients and plants are nature’s secret to producing effective nutrients.

That’s why our nutrients are:

  • Nature-based

  • Highly absorbed

  • Gentle on the body

  • Backed by strong research



We're transparent so you can be confident

What’s inside your supplement is every bit as important as what’s not. 

We’ve published our Certificates of Analysis (which show test results) on our products because you deserve to know exactly what’s in your supplement – and what’s not.



Doing our bit for the planet 

Our products are designed in a way to try and minimise the impact on the planet from sourcing to packaging and delivery. Our light weight blister packs use a minimal amount of recyclable plastic and are easy to transport.